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I renovated and set up the garage to be useful and functional for a perspective new owner. I also set it up to facilitate projects for the entire house. Initially the garage swing door was jammed and I had to climb in the broken window. I used WD40 to loosen it up.

When I got the property nothing worked with a broken window, leaks and general dereliction. I replaced the old barge boards on the garage with new wood cladding and used expanding foam and waterproof sealant to sort out any breaches.

I updated the wrecked outdated consumer unit with a new one and suitably placed power points. It had a nice set up two separate circuit switches and a main circuit switch. However it had no instructions and the support email was rather smarmy.

when I asked why there were no instruction with them making a circular argument. Their response was ‘If you need instructions you shouldn’t be doing it’ great support thanks ! After some head scratching the unit worked fine, looks smart but it was horribly cramped to set up.

Consumer Unit 2 Circuits – Great for Garage

Consumer unit for garage renovators

Consumer Unit, 2 Way (above) Garage Caravan Consumer Unit 40A 30mA RCD + 2 MCB (6A + 16A) with IP65 Protective Housing for Garages, Caravans, Workshops, Outbuildings, Rated Voltage 230/400V. IP65 was a sufficient rating for the inside of a garage in the Uk.

Garage renovators Garage newly renovated and painted. Prior to placement of new fence.

I also set up an external power source using a waterproof socket. I was lucky that there was a hole already there because prefab is hellish to drill into. Everything was rat proofed with conduit, although I have never seen any rodents there. Finally I gave it a paint job.

External White Paint

External Paint white for garage renovators

I used multi-purpose external White Paint for the garage undercoat Leyland (below) for the final coat. I was very happy with it and it has held up well.

Leyland 303139 Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint, Brilliant White, 2.5 Litre

Expanding Foam Guns

With the expanding foam I initially started with the containers with inbuilt spray nozzles but found a spray gun working a lot better when I needed to seal awkward areas under the garage roof.

They work really well. The single use cannisters you throw the away after and it is hassle free, so the con with this kind of gun is the maintenance. Sometimes it is just not possible to get into the nooks and crannies with the single use one.

The guns need to be cleaned out with solution before it seizes up which may involve some dismantling. I have linked to the ‘official cleaner’ but I ended up cheating with washing up liquid and hot water. However, I lost a screw and ended buying another slightly more expensive one below which worked well and is still working well. It was a pleasure to use unlike the single use ones that sometimes had already discharged before they arrived to my house.

slightly more expensive foam gun (£22+)

1pcs Foam Spray Gun (above) ( Click Safe )

Norvic Workboots

I was reluctant to use these boots for work because they are so nice. It is just that I became reluctant to take them off because my feet were so warm and dry in them. I would recommend them to garage renovators for climbing up ladders and doing work around their property.

Norvic workboots garage renovators

Norvic Workboots/Trekking

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