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My Private House Sale Scratchpad – Sell Free

Front Gate of 30 Windle with new fence. Personal garage and spacious car park in background. Private house sale.
Front Gate of 30 Windle with new fence. In the background
personal garage and spacious car park.

My Private House Sales Scratchpad.

Want to sell your house privately ? Well I do too. This is my private house sale scratch pad for useful sites and generally anything that might help. Feel free to add some comments. I am not an estate agent I’m just a guy who wants to sell his property and can do websites. The links you see below are not the finished product I will be adding to it as and when. Join me on this journey. If you would like your own page on my site here just message me (

Link #1

This is a website that discusses the process of private house sales.

Link #2

This site goes through the whole process of conducting a private sale. It is well worth a read. There are also lots of useful links such as places online you can market your property.

Link #3

This is a ‘meta’ style resource that aggregates sites that will list your house for free

Check out my house Hu6 7ee. Bedroom Renovators

Garage Renovators

Antique Brass Extendable Curtain rail

Antique Brass Extendable Curtain Rail

It went up fine without drama and constructed really easy.

Bedroom renovators Light grey radiator paint

Light Grey Radiator Paint

I thought this contrasted well with the ‘Warm Pewter’ above. Even though I gave it two coats, it did cover pretty well with one.

Bedroom Renovators Zone Garage Renovators Zone

Stats For Hu67ee

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